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We are T minus 144 days.

The to-do list is as long as ever. We’re a little behind on immunizations, but are getting them started next week. Despite how much fun paying (a boatload) to getting stuck with multiple needles is, I’ll be kind of excited to get started on the prep for the trip.

No gear has been purchased. Well, that’s not entirely true. Adam got some travel clothes for Christmas, but promptly started dropping weight. The pants are just about falling off of him. Considering that he’s going to keep slimming down, those clothes won’t be making the trip with us unless Adam wants to look like a little boy playing dress up. So, we’re back to ‘no gear.’

We have a rough plan of where we’ll be traveling, but no concrete plan. And that’s exactly how we want it. You can find our projected plan on the itinerary page: https://adamandmegstravels.wordpress.com/itinerary/

One thing we can check off the list though? Start a blog. 🙂



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First Post.

Here we are. Getting ready for our trip around the world.

Welcome. Thanks for joining us.


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