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Still Alive!

Aaaand, it’s over.

We’ve been home for about 3 weeks now, and it’s finally sinking in.  Those first few days, we were sort of in a daze–I would wake up in the morning and think that I was still asleep and dreaming when I saw our bedroom. It’s become a lot more real since then, but there are definitely still those odd moments.

We’ve been going nonstop (or what feels like nonstop to us) since we landed in St. Louis.  It’s been amazing, emotional, and frankly, disorienting.  As anyone who read our few posts from India can tell, we were ready to come home.  We had enjoyed a great run and were ready for a break from the effort of constant travel.  Even more than the fatigue, we were eager to see all of our friends and family in person.  And coming home was every bit as great as we expected to be.

Nonetheless, any dramatic change in routine is going to leave you feeling a little off-kilter.  Some of the strangest transitions were the smallest things.  After a full year of unfettered freedom in our schedule, making plans sometimes felt like a challenge.  We were so excited about visiting with people, but once, when trying to make plans in advance, Adam looked at me and wondered, “How am I supposed to know what I’m going to feel like doing tomorrow?”

And while being in Southeast Asia and India, where English is common, made the transition back into English-speaking culture a little easier, there were times when everything felt so distracting.  When you’re in a place where you can’t understand the language, it sometimes just sort of fades into the background, even if the volume is at 11.  Once we got home, I could understand everything!  I could barely focus because of all the snippets of conversations I kept hearing float past me.

Other times, the polar opposite would strike us as strange.  After the past five months in countries where you are dealing with an extraordinary number of people smushed into a remarkably small land area, we were used to loud.  Really loud.  Car horns, rickshaws, shouting, talking, cows mooing, dogs barking, music from temples, horns, horns, horns–we had honestly grown accustomed to it all.   A few days after we got home, we were stopped in a gas station in the middle of the day and found ourselves whispering–everything was so peaceful, we felt like we were going to disturb something  by talking in a normal voice!

These are tiny adjustments though. The transition has actually been so smooth that sometimes I stop myself and say “Did that really happen or was it just one really amazing dream??”  The beauty of the whole thing though, is that when I feel like that, all I have to do is pause for a moment and conjure one of my favorite memories from the trip, or flip through some photos to remind me that yes, it was real, and yes, it was amazing.

For now, we’re going to focus on the people we love and have missed so much, spoiling my nieces and nephew rotten, playing with our cool new dog, and just generally loving life at time.  I promise promise that there will be some photos from India forthcoming, along with the possibility of some photos from our trip to southern California, to which we are en route right now.  (Yes, I’m posting from the plane–in-flight wi-fi!  God bless technology.)



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