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Why Haven’t We Updated?

Us in California for Phish on Halloween (and oh yes, I'm still rocking the tank top)

After seeing all of our families this past week for an awesome Thanksgiving, one of the questions asked was, “Why haven’t you updated the blog in so long?”

Honestly, we’ve both started posts in the previous weeks–Megan has one started on the Taj Mahal, and I started a random one about being back for so long already without realizing it.  Neither of us have finished.

Now I can’t speak for my wife, but the main reason I haven’t finished writing anything since we’ve been home is that it’s just been a little too sad to do so.  I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I am not happy to be home.  Believe me, I am.  Being so close to all our loved ones, having a comfortable place to live and sleep,  and just being home has been great.

Now comes the but.  Coming to grips with the fact that the trip is over is just really, really weird.  Sorry to use such a basic, simple word, but that’s what best describes my feelings since being home.  It’s just weird.  Not meaning that I feel weird being in St. Louis, but it just feels odd that the whole thing is over.  I’m not talking about the trip itself, but everything that went along with it.  The initial discussion, the decision, the planning, the anticipation, the purchasing, the packing, the good-byes, the leaving, the first flight, the arrival, THE TRIP, the coming home.  Most of the last three years of our lives have revolved around this trip.

And now it’s over.  This huge “What now?” feeling has engulfed me.  I’m not quite sure what to do with myself.  We’ve both been really busy, me working and Meg spending time with her sister and nieces and nephew and doing tons around the house before returning to work in January. We honestly have probably been the most active we’ve been since we’ve been together.  It always seems like we’re doing something, which has been great.

But now we don’t have this huge, amazing experiencing  looming, and we’re not trying to decide which Thai island to visit next week, and well, it’s honestly a little depressing at times.  This feeling of excitement and happiness to be home coupled with this empty-type feeling that the whole thing is over.

I think I’m getting over the hump though.  We knew this day would come, and we knew we weren’t going to travel forever (nor did we want to towards the end).  It’s  just a little more difficult than I thought it would be.  As the days roll on though, the more we’ve looked back through the blog, started browsing through pictures, and had several “remember where we were at this time last year?” conversations.  I do promise that we will start updating more as well.  We still have lots of stories to tell and pictures to share.

Don’t forget about us.  The official “Wander Year” may be over, but there is plenty more to come.  And while there may not be another wander “year”, there will certainly be much more wandering in our lives.

Us at coming home party


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