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First off, I really want to thank everyone for the kind comments and support on my first published article.  I really do appreciate it, and while I have no idea if any of this will turn into anything more than it already is, I am having a blast writing the few I’ve written so far.  It’s great to be able to re-live our trip by writing about it and going through all the pictures we’ve taken.  It’s also really given me the opportunity to think and reflect on the whole thing, to really process what it is that we did and the incredible experience that it was.  And who knows, maybe some day down the road I’ll actually convince someone one to pay me to do something like it again.  Hey, we can all dream, right?

Anyway, I did get another article published today.  This week’s theme on the boots articles was South America, and this one I wrote for today was a lot of fun to write because it was about Colombia, my favorite country on the trip.  If you remember, Megan and I both had an incredible amount of passion for the country and people of Colombia.  It was an awesome place that I will never forget and can’t wait to visit again.  So this one was an easy one, and it really does come from the heart because I can honestly say I LOVE Colombia, and hopefully that passion comes through in the article.  So here it is, and enjoy:


I’m trying to get something going for next week, but it isn’t approved, yet, so I’ll keep everyone updated.  Thanks again for all your support!!

Until next time…


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Officially published!

Hello all,

Just wanted to put the link to my first article on the blog here:


Obviously I’m very excited.  There will be one more going up at some point later this week, and then another one in the near future.  I’m going to start brainstorming to come up with some more ideas and hopefully they’ll want some more of my stuff.  I’ll definitely keep everyone updated and provide links when anything gets published.  And I will have an actual post at some point this week about our week here in St. Louis with Dave and Tina.

Until next time…

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Hello everyone,

I know I promised that we would be updating with stories we didn’t get to and how we’re adjusting since being back home and all that good stuff.  It’s not that we don’t want to or haven’t had time.  We do have a good reason, and that’s because I have been trying to get some stuff published. 

Many of the websites that accept pitches from amateurs such as myself don’t want anything that has been published online anywhere, including personal blogs like this one, so I have been “saving” some of my ideas. 

It has paid off though, and I am going to have several articles published on the travel website www.bootsnall.com.  They are focusing on South America next week, and I will have two articles published, one most likely on Monday.  I will update again to let everyone know exactly when they will be up and provide a direct link to the article itself.  I also have another article approved for future publication. 

In addition to our job searches, I’ll be doing this as well, and who knows what can happen from here.  Hopefully everyone hasn’t unsubscribed from this blog, and you can all check out my articles in the near future on bootsnall.  I am quite excited.  Again, I’ll keep everyone updated and also have a proper blog post about our last week here in St. Louis where friends we met from the trip visited us. 

Until next time…

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