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Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy couple weeks here for us.  I have gotten two more articles published (which I will link further down), applied for a part time writing job with boots that could really turn into something more down the road (I’m certainly not the favorite to get it though with my lack of experience, so I’m not getting my hopes up), and have been applying for teaching positions for next school year.

But the big news is that Megan had her first interview Monday, was called back on Wednesday and offered the job, and started yesterday.  It happened really, really fast, and now we’re officially back into “real life” for the first time in nearly 18 months.  It’s certainly bringing up many emotions–relief, excitement, realization, and, most importantly, stability.  After a year of not knowing what we were going to do next, where we would actually end up after our travels, what we would do when we ultimately decided St. Louis was that place, then finding out that Megan didn’t have a job to return to, it’s been kind of crazy.

We obviously wanted that freedom, and we loved and relished it for quite some time, but after a while some stability and having the means to really think about our future is quite nice.  Both of us being unemployed really made us ponder what it is we both want to do next.  It gave us the opportunity to say, “Screw it, the economy sucks here, jobs are a bitch to get, let’s just take off again and go somewhere we like and know is cheap, get a job there, and ride it out until we can go back home.”

But we didn’t really want to do that.  As much as we LOVED our trip and being away, we were also really excited to be home.  Now I’m not going to lie and say we are done traveling and we will be here in St. Louis save for a week or two a year for the rest of our lives.  I just don’t see that being our lives.  We know now that long term travel is a doable thing for people of all ages, couples, and even families with children, and travel will ALWAYS be a huge part of our lives because it’s something we both love.

There will certainly be more from us, and now that we have an income coming in, we can start thinking about where we want to go next!!

Here’s a link to two more articles that have been published on bootsnall the last two weeks.  The first one is about hosteling and what makes a good hostel great.  The second one is about round the world travel and really explains why we decided to do what we did.  I really enjoyed writing it, and I hope it does a good job portraying our motivations for the trip.



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