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Finally Up!!

Hello everyone, my new blog is FINALLY up.  I’ll be posting regularly, probably at least 4-5 times a week, so check it out and tell everyone you know.  Thanks for following us at thewanderyear, and stay tuned as I will be posting here periodically, mainly just to give links and to announce when I have another site up, hopefully within a few weeks.  Also, keep an eye on BootsnAll as I have another article scheduled to publish either tomorrow or Thursday.  It’s a guide to hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  Check it out.

Here’s the link to the new one.  Facebook it, tweet it, do what you gots to do to get it out there as I hope to actually parlay this into something, so the more people who read it, the better.


Until next time…


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I’ve been working tirelessly (really) on a new blog that should be up and ready to go public on Tuesday of next week, possibly even on Monday depending on how my friend’s bachelor party goes tomorrow.  I may not be functional enough on Sunday to get the final tweeks finished and get it completely ready to roll.

I hope people haven’t unsubscribed to this because I do think if you followed The Wander Year and enjoyed it, you will be a fan of my next one.  It’s going to be a bit different since we aren’t actually going to be traveling.  I’m not completely ready to disclose the content of it, but let’s just say I’m very excited to be trying this, and my goal is to have a second website up and running by early June, and hopefully a third to follow.

After that, from my understanding of the interwebs, all I have to do is sit back and watch the cash roll in!!  It’s that easy!!!

I’m obviously kidding as I have been working 12+ hour days on this on when I’m not working at American Floorcraft.  It’s honestly all I can think about, and I even woke up at 5:30 a few mornings ago, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and started cranking away.  It’s been fun, and I can’t wait to actually get it up and running and try to start actually making a living of this whole endeavor.

This new blog is different as I am doing much of the design and customizing myself instead of just using a free template like we did for The Wander Year.  Being that I’m not a web designer, this has been a time consuming, slow, and sometimes frustrating process.  I am excited and happy with the results though, and I am really excited to get the design stuff behind me and devote my time to writing.  I really have missed the writing part of this all since the trip ended, and I’m ready to throw myself back in and start posting again multiple times a week.

So stay tuned as I will provide the link here (and everywhere else as well, facebook, twitter, and anywhere that allows me to post a link).  So tell your families, tell your friends, tell anyone who can type and click.

Until next time…

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