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Ways to Keep up with Us

An administrative note: We’ve added links to the bottom right hand corner of the page for RSS feeds and e-mail updates. We’re going to try to post often on here to keep everyone updated, but I’ve found that RSS feeds are the best way to keep up with a blog that may not necessarily be updating regularly. Basically, a reader will show new posts from all of your favorite sites when they update so you don’t have to go clicking around the interwebs to find new content. I follow my favorite blogs through Google Reader–it is simple to set up and manage. Since I am not exactly a tech geek, simple works for me. For those who are curious and aren’t currently using a reader, here is the link for getting started with the google reader: http://www.google.com/reader. You have to create a google account, but that will give you access to all of the google tools, such as the google notebook (my personal favorite internet tool) , google homepage and gmail.

To use the feeds, you can add our feed (https://adamandmegstravels.wordpress.com/feed) directly to your favorite reader, or you can click the link under “RSS Feeds” and choose the appropriate reader from the drop-down box that comes up.

If you’re not using a feed reader to keep up with the interwebs, signing up for e-mail updates will allow you to keep up with us without having to check this page all the time. Just click on the link in the bottom right hand corner of this page that says “Subscribe to The Wander Year by Email.” You will be redirected to a page where you enter your e-mail address and an anti-spam phrase. You will receive a confirmation e-mail almost immediately. Once you click on the link in that confirmation e-mail, you will be all set. When we update here, you’ll get an e-mail. Easy-peasy.

These are new tools here on The Wander Year, so if you have any issues with them, please let me know so we can get everything straightened out.



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