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Before we left, many people asked us how we were able to afford to travel for as long as we are planning. There are several reasons for this. We are not traveling in Europe or even the US for that matter. Developing countries are much cheaper, and the way we are traveling is much cheaper. The hostels we are staying in aren’t the most luxurious, and we are not eating out for every meal. For instance, our hostel in Lima (and most hostels for that matter) offer a free “breakfast” included in the price. Now this breakfast isn’t really a breakfast, per se, but it is food to get us by until lunch. It basically consists of rolls with butter and jelly and coffee and tea to drink. I would much rather have pancakes and bacon and eggs, but hey, it’s included in the bargain price of $25/night for our private room with bathroom in our hostel.

We have been writing everything down that we’ve spent in the first four full days we’ve been gone (and will continue to do this the whole time to make sure we aren’t destroying our budget). So here’s a breakdown of what we’ve spent so far (and this is the total amount for both of us):

10/16-Day one

Breakfast-$8 (in Miami airport)

Lunch-$13 (in Bogota airport)

Airport Transfer to hostel-$17



10/17-Day Two


Lunch-$5.50 from a street side restaurant in Lima-very good food-lots of seafood

Spanish-English pocket dictionary-$7



10/18-Day 3


Bus-$2 (to downtown and back, about 1 hour and 15 minutes)

Lunch-$11-pictured in Megan’s post last night

Dinner-$4.50-from the grocery store; came back to the hostel and ate here


10/19-Day 4


Bus-$2 (to and from museum)

Lunch-$4 from street side vendor (including ice cream for dessert)

Beer-$3.50 from corner store on way back to hostel

Dinner-$9 from a Middle Eastern restaurant, complete with an Inca Cola (Thanks Valerie, I will now gain 20 pounds on this trip because of those, but it will be worth it!)


Grand total for the first four days- $197

Now I don’t know about you, but I know my wife and I have spent that much in one night out at the bars when going out with friends on a Friday night, and we’ve done it in four days here in a city of 10 million people. We have budgeted $70/day for the Peru portion of our trip, and as of now we are $83 under budget, but that will catch up with us. We are taking a 14-18 hour overnight bus trip tomorrow from Lima to Arequipa (yes, the plans have changed again, more on that soon) that will cost us about $70 total, and our bus doesn’t leave until 6pm, so we will definitely go over budget tomorrow. It will hopefully all even out in the end.

So no Ica/Huacachina anymore, but this will be our last night in Lima before we head to Arequipa tomorrow evening. We plan on seeing a little more of Lima tomorrow and take more pictures. If we have time, we’ll update again before we leave and upload some more pics. If not, we’ll do it in a few days.

Until then….


One more thing: Much to my wife’s chagrin, I have found a website that allows me to watch all sports online, so YEAH! But because I’m such a great husband, I went to a museum this afternoon instead of watching the Rams pummel the Cowboys. Now I don’t plan on watching sports all the time because, well, I’d be coming home alone by the end of this trip, but it is nice to know that the option is available when we decide to stay in for the night (like getting in early tonight and seeing the Red Sox lose). God bless the interwebs.


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