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1 month, 31 days, 2nd country

So we made our way to Copacabana, Bolivia today.  Strike over, no complications getting here, Puno, good riddance.

It´s hard to believe that we´re over a month into our journey.  It´s honestly a weird feeling.  One minute it seems like we just left, and the next it seems like we´ve been gone forever.  It´s even harder to believe that we´re going to be gone for another 11 months.

A few things about the first month and going forward. 

The first month was such a whirlwind of emotions.  It was great, obviously, but it was also really hard at times.  What we´re doing is a trip, and it´s way different than a vacation.  On vacations we don´t sleep in lumpy beds with bathrooms that sometimes flush and sometimes have hot water.  We don´t stay in places where the walls are paper thin and we get woken up at 4am by a screaming orgasm from a room down the hall (two out of three nights).  On vacations, we don´t generally go to a city and get woken up by dog fights and roosters crowing (IN A BIG CITY, WHO THE HELL HAS A ROOSTER???–besides my parents crazy neighbor).  We also typically know what we´re ordering when we go to a restaurant.  Here, it´s been a crapshoot at times.

But all this stuff has been part of the fun, and frankly, we´re getting used to it.  Our Spanish is vastly improving by the day.  We no longer get hives and panic when we don´t understand what someone is saying to us.  We don´t even ask anymore what it is we´re ordering.  We just order and take the chance. 

So this whole long term travel thing is getting easier by the day.  We still miss everyone and St. Louis A TON, and we talk all the time about the different things we miss.  We´re thrilled to be here and be doing this, and we´re thrilled to be in country number two.

We arrived in Copacabana, Bolivia this morning, and it´s beautiful.  We are staying here tonight and taking off for Isle del Sol tomorrow morning, which is an island on Lake Titicaca.  We will stay there tomorrow night, and then be back here for at least Monday and Tuesday, possibly longer.  Next up is La Paz.  There is no wireless anywhere here that we´ve found (not that we know whether our computer will actually work anyway), so pics on the blog will be fewer, but hopefully we´ll take a day next week and sit in an internet cafe and get a bunch of pictures uploaded.

So long for now…



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