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Having a blast in Cusco

We’ve been loving Cusco so far.  The above picture is of Cusco.  It was taken from above the city during a hike we took yesterday in Incan ruins that surround Cusco.  Because of our computer issues, we haven’t had time to upload the pictures from yesterday (and there are lots, and they are beautiful if I do say so myself).  So we will post about that in the coming days and get all of our pictures out there.

But I did want to get everyone back up to speed about what we’ve been doing since we’ve been here.  We arrived Thursday morning and spent a few hours walking around trying to find a place to stay.  After going into about 15-20 different hostels, we finally made a decision, and we are quite happy with it.  We spent most of Thursday walking around the city trying to get oriented with it and resting a bit as well from our overnight bus trip.

We also visited the South American Explorers Club, which is a club we joined while we were in Lima.  Their name basically says it all.  They are an organization that is meant for tourists traveling around South America.   It has tons of online resources and trip reports written by fellow travelers like us.  They have reviews of just about anything you can imagine.  They also have 4 clubhouses in S. America: one each in Lima, Cusco, Quito, and Buenos Aires.  These clubhouses have places to store your bags when going on hikes or treks, they have people working there to help you out with anything you may need, a book exchange, a library, internet access, and it’s just a cool place to hang out with fellow travelers.

Luckily for us, they also had a Halloween party on Friday night, and the Cusco clubhouse is only two doors down from our hostel.  We decided to go for a while Friday, and we ended up staying there until about 11pm.  Then we went out afterwards with several people we met.  We met so many great people, and I’m so glad we decided to go.  We met several Americans, which was nice because we really haven’t met too many.

There was Aiman, an architect who lives outside of D.C. and is traveling in Peru for about a month.  We really hit it off with him and he ended up going with us on the hike through the ruins, and then we went out to dinner with him last night.  He’s a really cool guy, and it was nice to make some friends on the trip, and we will continue hanging out with him while we’re here.

There was also Aaron, who is from Dallas and is here with his girlfriend, Lindey.  They have been traveling for about 7 months, after starting in Central America and making their way down to Peru through S. America.  Lindey wasn’t there because she got a job at a local sports bar and was working Friday night.  They plan on hunkering down in Cusco for several months.  Aaron is a huge football fan (an Eagles fan from Dallas, go figure), and the bar Lindey works at has the NFL Sunday ticket, and there is a large group of Americans who hang out there on Sundays, so we are going to head there today to watch the Rams game.  I couldn’t be more excited to have a normal, home feeling Sunday of drinking beer and watching NFL football.

So we’re going to take off soon, and we’ll definitely get a post up soon about our day yesterday, because it was magical hiking through ancient Incan ruins.

So until then, take care, and GO RAMS!!!!



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Disconnected in Cusco

I know, I know, our next post was supposed to be a recap of our triumphant ascent out of Colca Canyon (or, in my case, our veeeerrrrryyyy slow, but “I am going to make it out of this canyon on my own two feet if it is the last thing I do” ascent out of the canyon 🙂

However, our computer is not cooperating and won´t let us connect to any wireless networks.  Well, it seems to think that we´re connected, the wireless network list says we are connected, but we are not, in fact, connected.  No Firefox, no internet explorer and no skype.  That makes blogging difficult.  We´re going to try to get it figured out soon, but we´ve tried everything we know to do with no luck (culminating with the occasionally successful ´turn it off and take out the battery´ approach), so it may be a matter of trying to find a repair place.  That is, unless any of our intrepid readers have any other suggestions. 

In the meantime, the Incan ruins of Cusco are calling, so we´re off to explore.

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