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We are currently in Tupiza, Bolivia, a little town in the southern part of Bolivia, not far from the Argentine border. We are leaving tomorrow morning for a tour of the Salt Flats, which was pretty much the main reason we wanted to come to Bolivia (but there is also so much more Bolivia has to offer; it’s really an amazing and interesting place). For some odd and strange and reason, we have internet in our room. We have no idea how long it will last, but we figured we’d take advantage and try to get a post up.  We hope that the internet will be better in Argentina, and maybe our computer has actually fixed itself (not getting our hopes up), so we plan on getting this updated with our jungle adventures and salt tour after we get into Argentina next weekend.

This following post is one I wrote a few weeks ago but never had a chance to post.

Over the past week, we have been in Puno, Peru, and Copacabana, Bolivia, which are both on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Even though both cities are on the lake, they are vastly different and give two completely different perspectives of the lake.

You’ve probably gotten that we weren’t huge fans of Puno from my previous posts. It was pretty dirty and stinky, and it just didn’t have much charm despite the surroundings. Copacabana, however, is an absolutely stunning little town on the lake, with a great deal of charm. The lake is also much prettier and well maintained.

Even though we didn’t like Puno much, we did get the chance to take a short boat ride out to the Uros Islands, also called the Floating Islands. They are called this because they are completely man-made islands, made out of reeds. The islands themselves were quite impressive and very unique, but a boat tour around them and a short visit to one of the islands probably would have sufficed. Other than the novelty of them, they weren’t really more than floating tourist stands. When we got off the boats, the islands themselves were very small and had stands set up to sell their goods. It wasn’t the most impressive part of our trip, obviously, but I’m glad we saw them nonetheless, because they were an impressive sight to see.


When in Copacabana, we decided to take another boat trip out to an island on the Bolivian side, Isla del Sol. This was a much different experience. From the moment the boat took off, the scenery was spectacular. It was about a two hour boat ride to the north side of the island, where we departed for a four hour hike to the south side of the island. Our first glimpses of the lake as walked along the beach to the hiking trail were just beautiful. A beach, small boats amidst the clear, blue waters, rolling hills, and mountains in the background provided a stunning backdrop to our hike.



The entire hike was filled with beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains and islands. It reminded us of our hike along the Mediterranean Sea in Italy several years ago. We planned on staying on the island for a night, but it was pretty barren, so we decided to go back to Copacabana and stay in the hotel we reserved for the next few nights. After staying in an $8/night room the previous two nights, we decided to splurge (on a $15/night room) and stay in a place right on the lake.

Here’s a gallery of both the Uros Islands and our trip to Isla del Sol (the above pictures that we already posted will show up in the gallery as well, but there are several more, so don’t think you are only getting duplicates).



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