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So we’ve been saving money for almost 18 months. We’ve sacrificed a lot as far as not going out nearly as often as we were accustomed to, eating dinner in, for me, not going to as many sporting events, and for my wife, not buying clothes and other accessories like purses (thank God). It’s been a HUGE sacrifice for both of us.

Friends and family and even random people that we find ourselves talking to about the trip ask us all the time how we can afford to take a year off and go on a trip like this. And while part of the reason is because of our fortunate current living situation, the main reason is because we just haven’t bought a bunch of stuff. We have never bought a new, fancy TV. Still using the same one I got as a college graduation present from Megan’s parents. Our table that we eat on and the hutch that we use are both Megan’s grandmother’s that we got after she passed. Our TV stand and bookcase in our living room is from Target and 5 years old. Our coffee table is still the same one that was used in college. Our bedroom set is from Megan’s sister. The majority of our kitchen stuff were wedding presents. Megan is still driving a 2001 Hyundai Sonata despite being an attorney making a good chunk of coin. I drive a 2007 Toyota Matrix (bought before the planned trip), but it’s still one of the cheaper new cars we could have bought at the time.

You probably see where I’m going with this. While the majority of our friends own houses, nicer cars, nicer tv’s, nicer furniture, etc., we are still stuck in “year after college” mode with a bunch of “hand-me-down” stuff, despite the fact that we have been out of college for 6 and 7 years. It’s all about priorities. There is certainly nothing wrong with having nice, fun toys. I would love to have a 52 inch, hi-def, flatscreen tv. Megan would love to be able to drive her coworkers to lunch without being embarrassed. But we want to be able to travel for a year without working even more than we want stuff, and that’s why this trip is possible.

So where is all this going? After not buying much for ourselves for the past year and a half, we are finally able to bust into all that money we’ve been saving to start buying clothes and gear for the trip. Yesterday, Megan received a 27 pound box that we ordered from backcountry.com, filled with clothes. As we are getting closer to the departure date, we are also getting closer to having a more concrete packing list. As far as clothes go, after receiving our package last night, I am pretty damn close to knowing exactly what clothes I am bringing. My wife, well, not so much, but let’s just say that it’s because I’m simpler than she, not because of my superior organizational skills.

So after all this, here is what my packing list of clothes looks like:

Underwear-ex officio lightweight, quick dry underwear – not sure exactly how many I’m bringing, but probably between 3 and 5

Shirts-5 total shirts; 2 lightweight t-shirts, 1 button up short sleeve shirt, 1 button up long sleeve shirt, and 1 lightweight base layer

Pants/Shorts- 3 total; 1 pair of lightweight REI pants; 2 pairs of lightweight zip-off pants that also serve as shorts

Fleece- 1 lightweight microfleece

Jacket- 1 rain jacket

Socks- still not sure on this, but probably 3 pairs of Smartwool socks

Long Underwear- 1 pair of lightweight bottoms

Shoes- 1 pair of hiking/walking/cross-training shoes, 1 pair of flip-flops (that’s right, 2 pairs of shoes for a year!–just wait until my wife posts her packing list)

Hats- 2 – 1 Cardinals hat (have to represent to Redbirds in places like Bolivia and Cambodia) and a hiking hat

That’s it. Those are the clothes I’m going to live in for an entire year. Now of course, I’m sure I’ll have to buy a thing here or there while we’re gone, but for the most part, that’s it. Stick around for more as we get closer and closer. I’m sure Megan will get her packing list up here at some point, and then we’ll get a full packing list of everything we’re bringing, complete with pictures.


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