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Loving Argentina

I know we have a lot to catch up on, and we have a lot written and tons of pictures, but again we´re experiencing technical difficulties, so the posts about both the Pampas tour and the Salt Flats tour are forthcoming, but we are unable to get them posted now.

But to catch everyone up, we are currently in Salta, which is a gorgeous little city in northwestern Argentina.  We arrived here last night, and it was a little bittersweet because we had to leave Bolivia behind.  We both LOVED Bolivia, and honestly we wish we could have stayed longer.  The Salar de Uyuni tour was absolutely spectacular, and I´m very excited to get some posts up about it and share all the pictures with everyone. 

On to Argentina though.  Like I said, we arrived in Salta last night, and we decided to act like the locals do, which is to not eat dinner until at least 10pm and go out at 1am.  Even  the kids are like this.  It´s crazy.  We were walking around at 9pm after getting settled in our hostel, and every restaurant was completely empty.  So we went to the grocery store and picked up a couple bottles of red wine (at the bargain price of less than $3, total–yeah, Argentina is going to be just fine), and we came back to our hostel and hung out until about 1am. 

Then it was time to go out.  As we left our hostel and walked toward the main square, I was amazed at the activity everywhere.  Everyone was out.  People our age, our parents´ age, our grandparents´ age, our neice and nephew´s age, everyone.  It was pretty interesting.  So we found a little bar around the main square and sat outside enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather drinking BUDWEISER!!!  

After a while we decided to go inside because there was a local band playing.  They were quite fun, and boy do the Argentinians love to dance.  Again, inside, there were people of all ages, and everyone was just hanging out, drinking, dancing, and enjoying a good time.  It was a wonderful first evening in Argentina, and if it is a precursor to the rest of the country, we´re both quite happy that we are going to be spending 3 months here.

We are leaving Salta tomorrow morning and taking a short 3 hour bus ride to Cafayete, which is a little town known for its wineries and nearby canyons and beautiful scenery.  We aren´t sure how long we´re staying or the exact plan after that, but we will make our way back to Salta at some point at the end of the week, then head off to Iguazu Falls before we have to be in Buenos Aires on December 19th.

We´ll hopefully get caught up on our Bolivia posts soon, so stay tuned….



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