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The Caminito of La Boca


La Boca is a barrio that shows up on pretty much every list of must-sees for Buenos Aires. A working class neighborhood and the home of the well known (and rough-around-the-edges) Boca Juniors futbol team, La Boca has, in the recent past, undergone a transformation from its roots. Initially a barrio inhabited by immigrant dock workers, La Boca is now home to El Caminito, a tourist destination filled with antiques shops and typical Argentine restaurants offering tango shows to entertain diners.



The buildings of La Boca got their trademark bright hues when the residents brought leftover paint home from their jobs in the shipyards in order to spruce up their homes, which were primarily constructed out of corrugated metal. As the barrio gained popularity for its vibrantly-colored homes and tourist traffic increased, the Caminito (a small pedestrian street less than 100 meters long) began to gain popularity, and it became a haven for artists, who began creating, along with more traditional art, the plaster statues that have become a symbol of the Caminito tourist area.


While the throngs of people can be a bit off-putting, I still recommend a visit to La Boca—it’s difficult to write something off entirely for being touristy, when I am, in fact, a tourist. Despite (or perhaps because of) the neighborhood’s popularity with tourists, it can be a bit rough, and visitors are regularly warned not to leave the main areas. As such, the Caminito and surrounding streets are more representative of the area than they are an authentic experience. Nonetheless, we spent a nice afternoon wandering the Caminito and the area near the river, then settled in to watch a live music and tango show with a bottle of wine and my favorite new lunch/snack–picadas (picadas are the Argentine equivalent of an antipasto platter). All in all, not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


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