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Lima Wrap-Up in photos

After a fifteen hour bus ride, we’ve arrived in Arequipa.  The bus ride was better than we expected it to be–the seats were big and reclined quite a bit.  We thought we had it made when no one sat in the seats in front of us, but someone boarded at a stop along the way and took the seats in front of us, reclining right into our laps.  Still, it was a pleasant ride and we’re looking forward to exploring Arequipa.

We wanted to post some final pictures from our last day in Lima.  We were hoping for sunny skies to help capture the drama of the Lima coast, but no such luck.  The Lima haze held strong.  So the pics in the following gallery are of the Lima coastline, including a view of Parque Del Amor (a Gaudi-esque park modeled after Parc Guell in Barcelona), the church on Parque Kennedy (the center of Miraflores, the district we stayed in in Lima), and one of the Lima buses.  That open door on the side of the bus is where the bus driver’s assistant (?) hangs out the side shouting the destination of the bus, recruiting passengers and taking fares as you exit.  We discovered that the best way to figure out were the  bus was headed was simply to ask these daredevils directly.  As you can hopefully see, the side and front of the bus are covered with various destinations around the city, so are of no help in deciphering where the bus is headed (at least for us).  Adam became quite the expert in dealing with them and has decided that if he’s ever reincarnated in Lima, he’ll be going after that job.  Somehow I have no doubt that his voice would carry over the traffic 🙂



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